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Frank Guo, PhD

UX Strategized ProfileA respected user experience strategist and architect, Frank has published more than a dozen professional papers and co-authored a book chapter, covering topics such as advertising, web promotion, eyetracking,  persona development, product strategy, and search results, and has developed a large body of user-research and UI-design guidelines and trained many in applying the techniques. Recently, Frank received a best-paper award at a prominent UX conference for an article he co-authored.

Frank is currently providing customer research and product strategy consulting through his firm, UX Strategized. Frank has provided consulting services for world-class companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, NetflixeBay, Adobe, Stripe, Yahoo!, StubHub, PayPal, among others. His consulting work has covered areas such as eCommerce, financial tools, enterprise software, health management, and social gaming.

Prior to starting his own consulting practice, Frank set up and led user research for Barclays’s iShares business and established foundational client insight to shape digital strategy of the firm. Frank also oversaw global user research at BlackRock, the largest asset manager in the world, helping the firm advance user research practice on a global scale. He was a key influencer of the UI architecture of BlackRock’s enterprise collaboration platform and iPad app. Previously, Frank established eyetracking as a key research method and led advertising research and design guidelines research at eBay. In addition, he led full-cycle user research for shipping and seller tools and fundamentally influenced the tools’ overall redesigns. Prior to joining eBay, Frank conducted design-strategy research at Oracle in influencing the UI architecture of its enterprise software suite.

Frank obtained a PhD in cognitive psychology from UCLA, where he conducted extensive scientific research on consumer psychology and taught advanced statistics to college students.

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Frank Guo, Ph.D.

Principal, UX Strategized LLC



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