Improve Your User Experience Through Customer Journey Analysis

In order to see business opportunities through the lens of customer experience, it’s critical for business leaders to see customer experience through a cross-channel, end-to-end perspective. By looking at customer experience holistically through the so-called Customer Experience Ecosystem (CXE) analysis, we can quickly identify gaps and find solutions to improve customer experience.

Benefits of CXE analysis:

  • Making the experience sticky
  • Improving conversion/reducing drop-off
  • Increasing repeat visits
  • Enhancing long-term customer loyalty

Process of CXE analysis:

  • Step 1: Map end-to-end customer journey across all touchpoints
  • Step 2: Identify gaps in customer journey
  • Step 3: Develop solutions to fill the gaps

Read on: Developing Customer Experience Ecosystem – Driving Business Results by Integrating Multiple Touch Points, published at Human Computer Interaction International 2013 conference proceedings.

By Frank Guo


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