How to Get Users to Start Using Product? An Aggressive, Yet Effective Way

Wow, that’s an interesting way to get the products in front of you!

Ok, I was using AVG AntiVirus FREE version to do a routine scan of my computer, and yes, no virus was found! And then, it asked me whether I wanted to analyze my computer’s performance. I thought, why not? So clicked “yes” and then saw the screen below after a few minutes.

AVG good Adoptability

Upon seeing this, if you were me, what would you do?

Yes, like you, I clicked “Fix now”, and then I got directed to the following screen, where AVG’s asking you to use another of its products. Moreover, it went a step further, already starting to download the file without me clicking any thing! See lower-left corner of the screen, showing the downloading progress.

AVG good Adoptability 2

I know, I know. Many of you are gonna say, this is way too aggressive and seems sleazy. But the thing is, I’d imagine, it is a great way to get the products in front of users — and if the product is truly well made, then it does help users in need. The key message here is, producing a quality product is really not enough. You have to find a way to get this in front of users — that is exactly what I mean by Adoptability in my VADU model.

Many UX practitioners, product managers, and entrepreneurs think that so long as they develop a great product, it would sell itself. Nothing can be further from the truth. Unless your product has a very high viral coefficient, without aggressively improving adoptability (meaning getting people to start adopting your product), very few will even know the existence of your product.

And many of us think user experience is just about the UI design of the product. Again, that’s a very limited view of user experience, which should be about the end-to-end customer journey. Getting people to start to know your product in the first place is every bit as important as – if not much more important than — making your product easy to use.

By Frank Guo





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