How to Improve Full-Cycle Product Design

I suggest an integrated product design approach that combines user research and analysis with conceptual UI design in support of the full design cycle. The following white paper outlines the four stages of product design: Analyze -> Conceptualize ->  Architect -> Design, and proposes ways in which we can improve the four stages through an integrated strategy-research-design system.

Please review the UX Strategized white paper for a detailed explanation.

By Frank Guo


Leveraging UX Insights to Influence Product Strategy

Many UX researchers and analysts aspire to influence not only design implementation, but also product strategy. However, it is rather difficult to effect this kind of influence because user research insights tend to center on design and fail to speak to a company’s overall strategy for a product. In this article, I’ll describe how you can influence strategy through a well-defined approach to user research, illustrating this approach by describing my first-hand experience with it. I’ll also discuss how any UX professional intending to add business value can leverage this approach in influencing product strategy. Continue reading

Choosing User Research Methods Based on Your Business Objectives

Through investigating user needs and behavior, user experience research is critical in guiding our product strategy and design. There are many techniques leveraged by user researchers. Over the many years of working in the field, I have seen a persisting tendency of choosing research methods based on techniques and not business objectives. For example, we often hear people saying things like “Why don’t we conduct an eyetracking study? It seems very exciting! For such a large re-design project, we can’t afford not doing it.” and “Let’s conduct a survey to learn about our client needs.” Continue reading

Leveraging User Research to Inform Business and Design Decisions

In helping product design professionals and business leaders to leverage user research, a powerful truth-finding tool, to make better business and design decisions, I will discuss user research best practices through the lens of driving business benefits. Continue reading